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T5 types of animated explainer videos

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If you want to accelerate your business, the best way to do it is with a killer digital marketing plan that includes video. Video marketing is seen to be expensive, which is why many businesses are hesitant to jump in. But with animated videos, you needn’t worry. It’s the cost-effective video solution you’ve been looking for!

Why create animated videos?

Animation explainer videos are a great way to engage new customers and communicate effectively what your brand, product, or service can offer in a fun and unique way. In today’s digital marketing landscape, businesses need to find new ways to make their mark and get people to their website and an animated explainer video can help you do just that. 

While text is still an important component of any website or marketing strategy, research suggests that people are more likely to retain information from videos than from still content. 

With video content now getting the most shares and engagement, it’s important that your business gets involved. But with so many video types to choose from, which one should your brand go for? In this post, we look at the different types of animated explainer videos that can drive your business forward and propel your digital marketing campaign. 

Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos are one of the best ways to help your brand stand out from the crowd. Not only are they fun and engaging, but they can also help to get your message across in a more effective way than a piece of text or still image can. By using a variety of graphics, texts, voiceovers and animations, your video can be made in a creative way to help excite consumers and drive them to make a purchase decision. 

Not only are they more engaging, but animated explainer videos are incredibly versatile. They can be used across your social media platforms, your website, as well as email marketing campaigns and at trade shows or events. This can help to drive conversions and boost SEO. 

Customer Testimonial Video

Customer testimonial videos are one of the best ways to help you boost credibility and gain the trust of new customers. It helps to give a face to your brand – a customer who has tried your product and wants to share how it’s helped them. Because it’s their honest opinion, it makes it appealing to people on the fence about your brand, product or services. 

Animated testimonial videos can help you to influence new customers by using graphics alongside live action. This helps you to foster an emotional connection with your viewers and allows them to make a purchasing decision without feeling as though they’ve been fed lots of traditional advertising.

Company Story Video

Having a clear and defined brand identity with a clear set of goals is crucial for building a strong connection with your target audience. One effective way of communicating with your target audience is with animated explainer videos. These videos can be used across your platforms and website to showcase and define what makes your brand unique in a naturally engaging way.

The key to engaging your audience successfully is through storytelling, and with animated videos you can do just this using voice overs, graphics and animations. Each part has its piece to play in immersing your audience in your brand’s story and helping them to form deeper connections with your business. 

Company Culture Video

Your company’s image and reputation is important, and creating company culture videos can help to showcase your business’s values, USP and personality. These videos can differentiate you from competitors and give you an opportunity to show the human side of your brand to clients and stakeholders.

To make your business stand out, it’s important to show the personality behind your brand and one powerful way you can do that is with animated explainer videos. Animated videos can engage and excite potential clients and employees and help you to build deeper relationships with them, attracting them to your brand.

Animated Social Media Ads

Using animated social media ads is a great way to effectively grab and hold the attention of scrolling fingers, which is crucial for keeping them engaged. By incorporating elements such as graphics, voiceovers, illustrations and your brand’s colours and logos, animated ads can be more attention grabbing than static images and text alone. This can lead to an increase in inquiries and ultimately improved sales and conversions for your business. 

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