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If you just bought a new PC or just reinstalled Windows, the first task you might do is install apps. There are dozens of great Windows programs, you can talk to your friends for hours with these voice chat software made for PC. Knowing which software is required for Windows 10 will make setting up a new installation easier.

It keeps all the dust away and protects the screen with a screen protector, and I swear to shut it down gracefully every night, unlike older PCs with a power button. If you want to make sure that your new PC has the best security, is free of junk data, runs at maximum speed, and has a variety of utility software, it will make your day-to-day work more accessible and more comfortable.

These are the ten essential Windows 10 apps that everyone needs to install right away and some other apps-

  • Internet Browser

Google Chrome is guaranteed to be the top browser pick. It is super seedy, and Google quickly looks at Google and notices that it has an extensive library of Chrome extensions. With Cross-Platform synchronization, you can open your desktop tab on your mobile phone and vice-versa, giving you a great browser.

However, Chrome does not make a mistake. Many people want to avoid tracking Chrome’s popularity on Google. Fortunately, however, many other excellent browsers to choose from, such as Firefox and Opera.

  • Avira Prime

In addition to complete malware scanning and real-time protection, Avira Prime protects your browsing activity by blocking malicious websites and downloads and keeping your apps and drivers up-to-date. You can automatically configure your PC and browser to disable privacy-invading settings, and a built-in VPN keeps you anonymous online.

It also has additional features, such as a built-in secure password manager and a PC cleaning tool.

  • Office Suite

You may need tools that allow you to work with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You might think that paying for Microsoft Office is the only way, but that’s far from true.

Windows users should not do without Libre Office. It’s an entirely free and powerful office suite that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access alternatives.

  • The VLC Media Player

VLC natively supports almost all categories of plans and comes with several plugins for further customization. One can transfer the video straight from the player and watch it during the download. You can upturn the volume up to 200%, change the skin of your media player, manage playlists, download and contain subtitles, and much more.

VLC Media Player can play almost any video and audio format. You can save the hassle of video codecs and QuickTime, which Windows no longer support. Please download VLC during your PC setup.

  • Advanced System Care

Innovative Method Care is my favorite PC cleaning tool to keep your PC clean and perform at its best. It not only cleans your PC but also adjusts your PC settings for the best performance. You also need a PC optimization tool to avoid performance deprivation over time.

  • Fix Win

Even newer PCs can have software issues. They can be fixed manually, but many problems can be fixed inevitably using automated problem-solving tools.

Fix Win is one of the most powerful tools for fixing Windows problems and is completely free.

  • X in the Start Menu

This alternative start menu replaces the regular start menu with a more powerful start menu. It can be used to create folders and groups of apps without changing the actual location. You can easily view the subfolders by hovering over the folder.

  • “Green shot”

This is a free and highly adjustable snapshot application that lets you capture screenshots based on windows, areas, full screen, and even scrolling. Taking screenshots is typical for PC users, but Windows’ basic snapshot settings are severely limited. The green shot is required if you wish to snap screenshots in various ways and quickly save or share them.

  • Irfan View

The Windows Photos program helps see photos, but that’s all it does. Aside from basic cropping, resizing, and annotating. IrfanView is a good choice if you want a solid but user-friendly picture viewer. It’s a little program that allows you to examine and edit photographs. It may not be as capable as GIMP when photo editing, but it is undoubtedly one of the best.

  • Backiee

Wallpapers are crucial to your computer’s appearance, and your new computer deserves to look its best. Backiee is a wallpaper program that allows you to browse hundreds of wallpapers and easily apply them to your desktop. You may also use your favorite wallpapers to make slideshows.


When all of the above apps are used together, your new PC will have improved security, privacy, performance, and utility. Some of these programs have paid versions, but the free ones are more than adequate for primary use.

We’ve compiled a list of Windows 10 essential apps that everyone should download right away, and they’re practically all free. The majority of individuals will find these tools more valuable than the default software that comes with Windows 10. If you don’t like one of our suggestions, you’ll have no trouble finding a suitable replacement.

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