4 Simple Tricks to Make Your Podcast Stand Out From the Lot

Simple Tricks to Make Your Podcast Stand Out

We have entered the era of the Podcast, where every second person with a platform, from actors and politicians to radio jockeys, talk show hosts, best-selling authors, and billboard top artists, has decided to engage with their audience through a 30–60 minute podcast episode airing every night. How do you compete with Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa? Why should you listen to me?

These mediums have become the easiest way to connect with your audience. So you can solve the problem with the help of Cannibals Media to reach a larger audience and make your social media handles stand out.

A Catchy Intro & Soundtrack 

This may seem cliché, but a catchy Intro is what hooks the listener. The first impression sets the base for the relationship, and an introductory audio piece is the first impression to your listeners. A catchy tune, an honest opening speech, or an explosive introduction to the topic of conversation has the listener intrigued.

Soothing transition music and a well-matched Outro tune are other small elements that give your Podcast a personal touch. Music is the voice of the soul. Let the listeners grab on to something unique, audio of an interview that meant something to you or a song by your favorite artist that connects to the theme of your show, anything to establish a relationship with your audience that is so meaningful that they must tune in to your daily show.

Ensure You’re Well Researched  

In a zeitgeist of fake news, biased media, and poorly researched headlines, you must ensure reliable and unbiased sources back all facts included in your episodes. Listeners need another poorly researched rant spreading conspiracies and false statements without realizing the implications.

Good research builds trust. Millions of people tune in to Trevor Noah’s Podcast because he knows his stuff and delivers it accurately. He’s reliable, and given the times, reliability is just what the world needs. Reliability and trust help get the word out about your Podcast through word of mouth from your listeners who connected to what you had to say or a newspaper article quoting something you said to further their point of view. Good research opens up the doors of opportunity in more ways than one.

Your Tone Is Everything  

It would be best if you decided how you want to deliver your schedule in a way to ensure your audience does not feel threatened by you, or worse, bored and distracted. You could employ the humorous, aggressive tone used by John Oliver to deliver information on global issues, a style that captures the attention of millions of listeners on his weekly episodes of Last Week Tonight; or the kind, familiar and empathetic tone Michelle Obama uses to narrate the story of her life’s journey in her Podcast, The Michelle Obama Podcast.

Choose the tone for the message of your Podcast. No one wants to listen to a monotonous monologue. Express emotions to help listeners relate and empathize. Address the audience as a friend you’re speaking to on the phone and about to divulge gossip. If the audience connects with you, your Podcast will be successful.

Genre with a Twist 

There’s nothing better than having a loyal audience that cares about your message. Satirical, or political, conversational or comedic, a genre helps the audience decide if they want to listen to what you have to say. It draws in listeners with a similar point of view who are genuinely interested in listening to your Podcast.

Take a look at Taylor Swift. Her fan base has a strong personal connection to her lyrics and will go to any lengths to protect her reputation and sentiments. It’s an artist’s dream. Choose a genre and give it a twist that hasn’t been done before. Select a topic in popular demand and a message that you relate to as much as anybody else. Above all, be authentic. Authenticity takes you a long way.


Starting a podcast seems overwhelming, and it is given the competition. You must ask yourself three simple questions: What do you want to say? Who do you want to say it to? What do you want listeners to take away from your Podcast? These three questions help set your Podcast’s direction and help find that original spin that will differentiate you from the rest.

TED Talks Daily stands out because of its stories of inspiration from different walks of life. Office Ladies stands out as actors revisiting a popular show – The Office. Have something different to say and a unique way of saying it. Don’t be afraid to experiment, push your boundaries, and step out of your comfort zone. The ups and downs will help you build your experience, learn from your mistakes, and become stronger than before.