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Top Reasons for Choosing Marble Bathroom Countertops

Marble Bathroom Countertops

Why Choose Marble Bathroom Countertops? (6 Top Reasons)

Marble bathroom countertops evoke elegance and sophistication. Indeed, luxurious marble is brilliant in ways that other materials like wood, concrete, and soapstone cannot duplicate.

Marble is one of the most popular bathroom countertop materials favoured by homeowners. In this post we discuss the key benefits of choosing this luxury bathroom countertop material for your home.

Let’s dive right in.

Top Reasons for Choosing a Marble Bathroom Countertop 

Here are the key reasons why you should consider a marble bathroom countertop for your home.

It Looks Great 

As mentioned, marble’s beauty is one of the key reasons for its immense popularity as a bathroom countertop material. Its eternal appeal cannot be easily imitated, making it a favourite choice for those looking for a luxury bathroom countertop.

It Is Readily Available

This natural stone is easily available which means your new bathroom countertop can be mounted quickly. So, you don’t need to wait long for your finished product.

Unlike other countertops like granite, marble may be shaped as well as edged easily. There is also no damage caused to the marble despite it being relatively a soft stone. This feature makes it a perfect option for your bathroom as well as other areas like bars and kitchens.

It’s Highly Resistant to Scratches & Heat

A marble countertop is tough enough to withstand the challenges of a bathroom. For example, it can tolerate humidity from the shower and withstand harsh cleaning products, shampoos, and soaps. Marble is durable and so can bear this regular wear and tear. It is also resistant to heat which means you can dry and style your hair without fear of damaging the countertop by putting down a hot dryer or hair straightener.

Each Slab is Unique

Marble is a natural stone formed under immense pressure and heat in the earth’s crust. Marble is available in a wide range of colours beyond white, including black, grey, and green. These colours are determined by the mixing of various minerals in the original limestone. Therefore, both colour and veining varies from slab to slab, and no two are identical. If you have a lavish, spa-like bathroom then a premium marble countertop is your best choice.

It Lasts a Long Time

Marble is popular among homeowners for its beauty and usage in world-famous architecture and sculpture. When installed, sealed, and maintained properly, this countertop can last a lifetime.

It Helps to Enhance the Value of Your Home 

Any property with a luxurious bathroom or kitchen marble countertop has a very high resale value compared to one that is solid surface or concrete.

Now you know the top advantages of choosing a marble bathroom countertop. Not only is it beautiful, durable, and resistant to heat and scratches, but each marble slab is unique. It will also help to create a good impact on potential buyers should you wish to sell your home. If you have other questions regarding marble or other bathroom countertops, contact a trusted counter fabricator today.

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